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Experienced Yachts

This is the project that Sanlorenzo has tailored on the yachts traded-in from its customers aiming to offer and guarantee them in shining and perfect condition to the new Owners.

A process that starts with the Boat Assessment and ends with the Boat Delivery to the new Owner
Each Experienced Yacht is surveyed, reconditioned and managed by our specialized staff to guarantee the efficiency and the immaculate condition of:
  • Structures
  • Onboard machinery and systems
  • Furniture and equipment
  • Manuals and documentation

A strict control schedule made of more than 100 checks and refitting points

Boat Assessment
Survey of hull and hull appendages, sea trial with the transcription of data engine, test of engine, test of all onboard systems

Work Implementation
Refitting, repair or replacement of parts to guarantee the utmost efficiency and the perfect aesthetic condition of the yacht

Pre-delivery test of each and every onboard device, equipment and system

Pre delivery works
All works are carried out onboard of each boat, regardless of its condition, to guarantee that no traces of the previous Owner are to be found.
  • Engine service
  • Genset service
  • Grey and black water tanks sanitization
  • Bilges sanitization
  • Sanitization of fan coil filters
  • Sanitization of anti-odour system
  • Replacement of anodes
  • Antifouling
  • Hull and superstructure polishing

The exclusive warranty of the Experienced Yachts Programme
  • One-year warranty covering the entire yacht, regardless of brand and age
Direct management
The EY Programme is managed directly by a dedicated team of Sanlorenzo experts, selected among Sanlorenzo production area personnel: captains, experienced systems and equipment technicians, experts in GRP construction, bodywork and carpentry.

Experienced Yachts: always in flawless conditions for the happiness and the satisfaction of the new Owner
The berthing of the yachts in two marinas only, both located in the area of La Spezia, allows the direct control and management of all the refitting and management works.
Once refitted, the Experienced Yachts undergo periodic checks to ensure that their status and efficiency are guaranteed in every moment and for a long time.

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